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Your plastic surgery companion


BurnsPlastics is an application for doctors in the field of plastic surgery.
It is an acessible app for healthcare workers in plastic surgery. It aims to :
Ease juniors into the field.
Provide references for the more experienced doctor.
And has plenty of handy tools for everyday practice.

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Plastic surgery is a notoriously poorly taught field in medical school. New doctors confronted with pathologies related to the field are often left unprepared to safely deal with the patient in the appropriate manner. Furthermore, due to its wide breath, plastic surgery practice requires recollection of many equations, scoring systems, and guidelines making it hard to keep up to date with all areas of the field.

Our App is here to help!

Smoothen the learning curve for new doctors.
Provides handy commonly used reference material.
Simplify the life of plastic surgeons with intuitive tools

Target audence

Junior Doctors in plastic surgery.
New Registrars.
A+E Doctors.
Reffering primary care physicians.
Medical students.
Nursing and healthcare staff in the field of plastic surgery.


BurnsPlastics is a responsive cross-platform application, aimed at assisting doctors and healthcare professionals working in plastic surgery and related fields.

This App was developed in partnership with PLASTA (the PLAstic Surgery Training Association for British trainees) and has been officially badged by BAPRAS (the British Association for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). All pages are referenced and have been reviewed by experienced surgeons with specialist interests in the relevant area holding a full BAPRAS membership.

Pages within the app


First aid
Burns history taking
Burns physiology
Jacksons burn model
Acute management of severe burns
Burns wound assessment
Common dressings
Acute management of severe burns
Indications for burns service referral
Chemical burns
Electric burns
Cold injuries
Inhalation injuries
Toxic shock syndrome
Non-accidental injuries
Comfort care in non-survivable burns
Consenting for burn surgeries


3D Hand anatomy
Hand trauma history
Hand examination
Hand infections and bites
Lower limb trauma history
Lower limb trauma examination
Replantation and revascularisation
Necrotising fasciitis
Tetanus prophylaxis guidelines
Consenting for trauma surgeries


Skin anatomy
Skin lesion history
Skin examination
Wound healing
Benign lesions
Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Other skin cancers
Premalignant lesions
Benign skin lesions
Hydradenitis suppurativa
Sun safety
Local flaps
Consenting for skin surgeries


Breast history and examination
DIEP breast reconstruction
Nipple areolar complex reconstruction
Flap assessment
Breast reduction
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Dupuytren’s disease


Finger anaesthesia
Wrist Block
Seroma drainage
Radioisotope injections
Skin biopsy


Age calculator
Common abbreviations

This software is not a medical device, it contains general information and simple calculators tailored for UK practice of plastic surgery. This application does not replace formal medical education in medicine and residency in plastic surgery.


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